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Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Cab, from long long ago...

In 1998/9, fresh out of art school,  I did some work on a movie called The Cab, a b&w feature length film about two friends who go to the woods to find themselves, only to find that they are dead. It was written & directed by Stephen Mcdaniel, and stars yours truly as the lead character, Steve. (i was a terrible actor, truth be told). I did the score for the film, and friends' bands/local PDX bands contributed music as well. The first 2 minutes of this youtube link is the trailer for the flick, incase you find it confusing. After that, the film starts. The first 10 minutes has strange audio problems, but that resolves itself fairly quickly.

Sit back & enjoy The Cab, (and if you were living in Portland, OR, at the turn of the century, you may recognize some folks in a variety of cameo roles....)

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