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New Site New Life

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shelf life

2020's temporary high profile space where Placemaker once was. Group show.
3852 north miami ave.
The piece below above is by Frank Wick. Scott wouldn't let me try them on.

Friday, July 11, 2008

this was summer on the oregon coast.*.

*note famous rocks in the distance.
** before avian flu was part of the collective paranoia

Thursday, July 10, 2008

if you're in Germany

If you happen to find yourself in Heidelberg, after checking out the oldest Apothecary in Europe, and sampling the local Reisling (the only white i can stomach), do check out the following show that I'm in:

Click the link embedded in the above title for more info..

close your eyes and .....

This is James Casabere. He creates these miniatures of stark and desolate spaces which are then photographed and printed (in large sizes..). I haven't seen one in person. I just ran into his work for the first time a few weeks ago so I'm not familiar with it at all.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

july and it's hot

This image is incredible. I'm not sure the distance from the explosion that it's shot from, nor the altitude of its top (10thousand to15thousandfeet?).

Sabre-rattlers out there take note, and be wary of your war mongering.

I just began reading Kevin Brockmeier's new collection of short fiction, The View From the Seventh Layer. After Things That Fall From The Sky, and A Brief History of the Dead I've developed a real appetite for his work.

In an effort to save cash, more frequent trips to the Library have temporarily added these books to the coffee table:


2)The Architectural Unconscious (James Casabere + Glen Seator)

3)The New Urban Landscape , edited by Richard Martin

4)PAUL McCarthy, published by the New Museum of Contemporary Art , NY

a great list...I'm suddenly very interested in James Casabere's photographed miniature spaces, especially the flooded ones. I'll have to look for an image to post here.