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New Site New Life

Saturday, May 03, 2008

(Negative Space)

I offer a non-sequitor to begin with (above):
A DC10 full of well-behaved, though understandably impatient, horses.

Second:Things I am taking in at the moment:

1) too much Vetiver,Sufjan Stevens, the new Of Montreal, Greg Ashley and/or GrisGris
2) Peter Doig, late 70s Chris Burden, plus Eva Hesse's formal compositions (among others things)
3) Just read Chuck Palhniuk's (sp) Survivor, and save for a few interesting chops here & there I thoroughly hated his writing. Deeply, horribly, terribly hated it. He tells & retells the same story over and over again from book to book.
4)watching on the telly anything to do with ghosts or UFOs (as usual)
5) Debating whether to read Flannery O'Conner or F.Scott Fitzgerald
6)Jerry Saltz's reviews
7) the games our cats play


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